Hoplites agency coordinates clothing production

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Hoplites agency:

We coordinate garments manufacture, managing each step of the process maintaining daily contact with various carefully selected manufacturers which we chose by exploiting years of experience in identifying the right partners who possess the necessary high end requirements, aiming to completely satisfy the customer’s needs. We lead, assists and coordinate the various stages of the manufacturing process using methods developed and improved during over 30 years experience. Moreover, very important, we search and provide the fabrics and the trims (such as buttons, zips, and so on) on behalf of our customers according to their indication.


Technology, work culture, innovative organization:

–      Technology: by developing an extensive database of information we are able to solve problems quickly and efficiently, making  real-time decisions thereby optimizing the response time.

–      Work Ethic: by constantly striving for better results to achieve total excellence and professionalism

–      Innovation: the ability to adapt and customize the service tailored to the individual needs of each customer and care about the working environment of employees maximizing their output and quality of work.


A single technical contact:

Allowing the customer to interact with a single contact, always within reach, enables better control so that questions are answered quickly and succinctly. Moreover, we send a weekly status report accompanied by photos if required. Our goal is to be your right arm throughout the process: your satisfaction will be the ours.


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