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Arrange by WGSN, one of the most famous world’s fashion announcer, the WGSN Global Fashion Awards honor brilliance in fashion and whole sale and retail design all over the world.

Arrived at his fourth year the WGSN Global Fashion Awards is one of the only awards that really recognize fashion on an international scale and the only awards to represent the full breadth of the industry from luxury fashion to mass-market, in which nascent student designers are helped along their way.

Kate Nash wearing a garment by Carlotta Actis Barone at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards.
The Brand, Barone, was product by the first clothing production server in Italy: Hoplites, in Italy

High end knitwear

Written by 20 November 2012
Published in blog

 Have I ever said that

 … knitted garments ... so beautiful, soft, enveloping, are the result of a very complex process?

Well yes when we look at the shop windows, especially during the current cold and rainy season, we are fascinated by all kinds of knitwear: dresses, pullovers, scarfs, capes, mantles, gloves and hats; an explosion of warm colors such as cream, taupe, brown or gray classic in the full range of shades, or cheerful trendy and appealing colors. Not to mention the infinite range of knit stitches: braiding, rib stitching, lozenge, stockinette stitch… ultimately there is no limit to the imagination.
The knitwear is beautiful to behold and is extremely comfortable to wear: is why it is a very popular item of clothing for all ages; in fact many fashion designers have a very important percentage of knitwear garments in their collections, manufactured with precious yarns such as cashmere, alpaca and angora, with treatments and washes that, besides to stabilize the garment, make it soft and pleasant to the touch: this usually leads to very good sales. Indeed, the real challenge is the production; a lot factors can affect the good outcoming of the garments, including washing: water hardness level, times and temperatures of washing, drying, reaction of the color of the yarn .... really countless aspects which must be carefully considered. Just miss one of these steps and you’ll find knitwear felted or stretching such as elastic.
But this is only the final component: there are many tests that should be made ​​before proceeding with the manufacture of high quality knitted garments.
So what is the best solution aimed at resolving the difficulties in the production of knitwear? Contact hoplites: we select the best manufacturing companies in our territory, confirming only those who demonstrate reliability and expertise on a continuous.
Are you currently drawing your new collection FW13? Have you ever thought of inserting knitwear garments in your collection?
The time is right and Hoplites is available to help you to realize your ideas: how about trying it with a few knitwear items?
If you leave us a message, we will be happy to give you all the information you need: we wait for you eagerly.


A typically American term: REDNECK

Written by 30 October 2012
Published in blog

Many words, over time, have undergone changes and sometimes real overturning of meaning. Today I will speak about a very simple garment: a red bandana.
In the last century the term “redneck “ begins to take on a very specific meaning in the United States, within a cultural area in the south east which is called Appalachia: it is an area where the population has cultural connotations that make the region a bit in its own right and special. Stereotypes indicate historically this population as generally hostile to all forms of law, which for the most part corresponds to the true: but that's another story that, if anyone asks us, we would face willingly. However, in the early twentieth century these territories, including more than ten states, have become a veritable reserve of coal mines, which was essential because of the concomitant dizzy development of the railways: obviously just the companies that ran the extraction had benefited economically, while the local population continued to live in deepest poverty. But all this got to do with a red bandana?
Yes: this situation caused the constitution of a very powerful syndicate in defense of these workers; the symbol to identify them was a red bandana tied around the neck, worn by miners members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMW); it even had a multi-racial valence, because it was worn by individuals who felt a real tight group, regardless of the color of the skin.
Since there was a lot of tension, and clashes between syndicate and employers were often violent, with dead and wounded, who wore this bandana around his neck, “the rednecks”, did it with pride, to point out an indomitable spirit of belonging and revenge. Subsequently that word began gradually to turn towards a negative connotation, so that today the most use it to indicate someone ignorant and stubborn and with outmoded ideas. Moreover, diffusely has been lost knowledge of the true meaning of this term, wrongly attributing it to the fact that the peasants had all the red neck due to the long stay in the sun.
The world of clothing is fascinating for this reason too: the most humble garment, as a simple red bandana, can hide an involving and significant history.
Until next time

Unspoken communication about clothing

Written by 29 October 2012
Published in blog
Put it this way: if I enter a fancy restaurant and begin to scream instead of keeping my voice low speaking politely, unless I’m Mick Jagger, I'd probably be shown the door, more or less kindly. This is because I’m using a type of communication (in this case, verbal) not in keeping with the environment in which I was at that moment.
Well, The same applies for clothing: we know how important body language is, and even what we wear sends messages very specific: of this sometimes we are well aware, sometimes not.
For example, no one would go to a business meeting wearing pajamas and slippers: it's something obvious to anyone, unless you want to confound the present (and lose the job). But most of the time the messages are much less obvious and are perceived more by instinct than by reason: when it comes to elegance, a component comes into play extremely subjective and difficult to quantify, that is the aesthetic taste. Although this factor is very personal, there are "rules" codified, widely accepted, that change according to the epochs.
As in all activities related to human creativity, some people are more capable than others to use and interpret these rules: so as we set the greatest composers at the top of musical creativity, equally we do with great directors in cinema industry, and so on for painting, sculpture, narrative etc....
If we talk about clothing, the figure outstanding over all others is that of the designer. If for a director is essential to have a good group that allows him to produce a movie of high quality, equally we can say for the designer: at the base of a collection of sublime level there must be a group that has the necessary experience and sensitivity to transform stylistic ideas in clothes to wear.
Let me close by underlining that this is exactly the task that the agency Hoplites performs with enthusiasm: concretizing  into wonderful reality the wildest dreams of the most inspired designers .

Origins of clothing

Written by 25 October 2012
Published in blog
Why does it originate in the human being the need to wear an artifact that covers its body?
Of course the primary requirement of any animal is related to its survival: the difference between us and other species is that each species is part of a habitat suitable for their physical characteristics, which may change over the course of thousands of years to adapt to different climates. Human beings, thanks to their ability to build things with their own hands, are able to live in territories with adverse climate, wearing the skins of animals killed during the hunt, being able to protect themselves from the cold.
 It seems strange, considering our current clothes, that all started like this: we would probably be even more surprised if we would see that the concept of fashion has ancient roots, rather prehistoric. Yet the very concept of fashion has ancient roots, rather prehistoric. In fact, one of the main characteristics of homo sapiens sapiens is the ability to develop concepts of symbolic and artistic nature: the rock paintings date back some 40,000 years ago.
Moreover in South Africa, in the Blombos Cave, were found jewelry dating to 75,000 years ago: there are 41 shells that, considering the holes on them, were probably part of a necklace. At the end we are not changed much: the pleasure of wearing objects that emphasize our body has remained unchanged for thousands of years: the only real difference is the manufacturing technologies developed in the meantime.

Next appointment will be for Hoplites will be Paris Fashion Week 2012 and is the most important week of fashion along with that of New York, London and Milan.
The idea, then called Press Week, to spend a week addressed to the fashion industry dedicating a whole week was born precisely in New York in 1943. The aim was to promote the national fashion, eliminating imports from Europe, impractical because of the Second World War. The initiative at the end of the war has also been adopted by the major European cities still contending for the supremacy as "Capital of Fashion". For seven days Paris will be populated by photographers, models and representatives of famous and emerging fashion houses, such as Vauhall Fashion Scout who calls himself "the home of new talent."
September is a "hot month" for fashion and a big commitment for Hoplites which offers a Made in Italy production of high fashion garments, an important factor that contributes to the success of a new collection.

London: the navel of the world

Written by 21 September 2012
Published in blog

London is the city that most of all is to be considered now the "center of the world" thus a source of inspiration for many artists.
Fashion is an endless evolving and can describe the time in which we live. On the catwalk parade collections inspired by a weakened economy,
elegant but modest clothing which do not conceal a subtle sexuality.
The common element in some London’s designers, as Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Temperley London , Emilia Wickstead, during this London fashion week, were collections inspired by styles of the 50’s (as Chicago Tribune writes)

At Vauxhall Fashion Scout catwalk a young and promising designer, Carlotta Actis Barone, parades her made ​​in Italy collection, produced by the cooperation of the best Italian fashion production agency: HOPLITES.
We’ll be present also at the next important fashion week in Paris, to support our affectionate customers and to offer our cooperation to designers that have not got the possibility to benefit from a top quality production 100% made in Italy.
Remind you that being able to show off the words "Made in Italy" on your garments is an unquestionable edge over the competition, being a synonym for high end providing the best to your final customer.

Hoplites, Made in Italy at London Fashion Week 2012

Written by 07 September 2012
Published in blog
The name of the next rendezvous where Hoplites will be present is London Fashion Week, one of the major Londoner events in the fashion  from 14 to 18 september.
London Fashion Week , organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC), whose first event took place in 1984, ranks alongside Paris, New York and Milan, as landmark for the world of fashion.
In a large tent, at Somerset House, at the heart of London, take place most of the shows of designers and fashion houses. An imposing structure that will host inside more than 100 designers showcasing: in short, a major trade event that attracts the attention of the press, able to get an official sponsorship from Mercedes-Benz (among the most famous automotive brands in the world).
Hoplites will bring his Made in Italy know how by offering its assistance to all, whether they are established companies and young designers,  who will catch the significance of this occasion,
 that is, experience, tradition and innovation to turn sketches or patterns in a production of garments with high quality standards.
Ideas that are transformed and take shape…
Choose Hoplites: DO THE RIGHT THING
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