Fabrics choice

The fabrics choice is never a trivial or simple thing and determines the final result of each style, regardless of its type. The performance of a fabric must satisfy in the best way the characteristics of the garment and the factors that influence the outcome are many: the composition, the weight, the structure, the percentage of elastomers, the shrinkage percentage after washing, the resistance to mechanical stress. Also consider that often, in the same garment, more different fabrics are used, which together must provide the desired result by the designer. Naturally also in this case they have an essential weight and relevance the following features: the experience; deep knowledge of materials; the ability to know how to recommend the right fabric based on the specific style and desired effect; the fact of being able to carry out in-depth research not only on materials but also on any possible treatments to which the fabrics could be subjected. This constitutes a watershed between a valid and competent high-level production group and instead one that does not possess these skills and competences.

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