The Double

We define what does a garment in double means

The garment in double could be described as semi tailoring because different stages are still carried out manually by skilled personnel with long experience in the use of needle and thread, this characteristic provides the garment its originality, its uniqueness, together with attention to detail. Looking at the finish of a garment in double you wonder where the seams are, legitimate question because the seams are not visible: really takes great skill to achieve such an outcome; tailoring traditions that we have in our area, allow to produce real masterpieces clothing. It is no coincidence that the garment in double has not been exposed to competition of delocalized production, remaining one of the last “Italian know-how” not to be sold off: one might call it the real Made in Italy who resist and did not succumb to compromises.

Materials make the difference

Coats and jackets in double are very valuable and original articles, the materials used are predominantly fine wool and cashmere, high quality and softness. In addition to fabrics, often the garment is further enriched by precious accessories.

Reasons for wearing a garment in double

When you wear a garment in double, get immediately impressed by the softness and lightness of it, feeling to be wrapped with warmth and softness.
The close fitting to the waist line tends to enhance the natural elegance of the body.
To the softness of the garment contribute both the quality fabric, and the particular processing that allow to have an unlined but perfectly finished garment.

Who wears a garment in double

The garment in double is in great demand by those who dress in an original way, looking for quality in materials and workmanship, who don’t like to conform to a dress mediocre and predictable. The men and women who wear the double love the comfort, are dynamic people who by their manner of dress denote knowledge and love of beauty: if you try to wear a garment in double you’ll understand what we mean. Moreover, for every firm having in their collections garments in double gives prestige to the brand that rises a notch up compared to the mass of brands flooding the market, the double is product highly appreciated by customers all over the world: it means having the chance to reach everywhere interesting rich international markets.

Who to contact

Hoplites is a landmark about the production management of  garments in double: for further information do not hesitate to contact us, our technical staff will be happy to answer you.

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