Hoplites S.r.l. : the 8 reasons for the success of our Made in Italy – INTRODUCTION

Periodically we find ourselves taking stock of our working life, we ask ourselves if we are reaching our goals, we analyze the mistakes made and the successes achieved. We decide changes of direction, new strategies and set ourselves new goals. More than 11 years after we founded Hoplites S.r.l., today we feel we can say that our idea was a winner; we were considered visionaries because we thought of dealing with Made in Italy when almost all Italian companies relocated their production abroad. Fortunately, the situation has now changed, and the demand for high quality made in Italy is constantly growing, despite the particular period of the pandemic. As I said earlier, it is important to remember your mistakes but also your successes because thanks to this in-depth analysis we continue to evolve and grow. What were the factors for the success of our Made in Italy, especially with foreign customers? We would like to deepen these aspects and, for this, we will begin to analyze them summarizing everything in 8 points that we will deal with individually once a week, on Friday, starting from today, accompanied by Chiara’s guidance. The reference to number 8 is not accidental: while receiving collaboration from production companies located throughout the Apulian territory, our company is based in Andria and number 8 is closely linked to the city through the famous octagonal-shaped “Castel del Monte”. Strongly wanted and built by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, called “Stupor Mundi” for his genius and his enlightened mind, a profound scholar and connoisseur of both nature and the human soul, as well as many cultures and religions. We like to think that in some way we have followed in his footsteps by setting our company on organization, cooperation, seriousness, alliances, the union between different cultures and foresight. We dedicate our experience and successes to our beloved city Andria and to what was perhaps our most beloved foreign ruler, that is Federico II who loved to call himself Puer Apuliae (son of Puglia). Get comfortable and fasten your seat belts, off we go. Enjoy the reading, thanks.

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