Italian clothing production pole in Apulia. Where to find us:

Our Headquarter is in Andria, Apulia, Italy. Located in the city center, in Via Catullo 52.

Hoplites S.r.l. and its territory of ancient traditions:

The roots from which Hoplites S.r.l. draws its essence bring back to ancient traditions, dating back to the eighth century BC, related to a culture developed in the geographical area historically identifiable as Magna Graecia.
The art, the taste for beauty, the natural inclination to beauty belong to this land since centuries, result of a successful merging between colors and soft shapes of the territory with traditional skills of local people able to mold this beauty in products of sublime workmanship, by enriching and strengthen the deserved fame of Italian production which conquered the world in so many fields: clothing is probably still the main field where throbs stronger the creative expression of the best Made in Italy.
We know that to achieve the beauty, beyond the inventive genius and creativity, is important a production technique able to materialize ideas into first quality products made by absolute excellence.

Here lies the work of Hoplites, managing these skills at your service, and channeling the creative force in a highly organized way, in which all stages are beautifully optimized and able to best express your ideas, translating them into practice in clothing who can impose itself by force of pure class.
Our Land, throguh Hoplites S.r.l., is proud to present itself as a strong and loyal ally at your side.