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Description: For knitted fabrics means a woven yarn, made with knitting needles, crochet hooks or knitting machines, in which the yarn loops or forms bushings, lined up side by side to form a row or rank, so that a set of ranks realize a continuous network of curved yarns.


History: The knit has ancient roots, the legend merges with history: ancient classical texts tell us of people who, like Penelope, wove already centuries before the Christian era, and then there are paintings that show women of the house intent to weaving. This activity has always been considered an important element of culture and tradition of every civilization, to protect and preserve. The materials used for this are manifold, but the main ones and present from the beginning were: wool, cotton and silk.

knitwearAt the end of the sixteenth century, knitting was the top of a technological breakthrough that revolutionized the way we produce. In fact, an English Protestant pastor, William Lee, he thought it could be possible replicating through the mechanical, the movement of the fingers of women who worked with hand: he invented a machine with innovative features for that time, that is the mechanical frame knitting, operated by a pedal, which allowed a speed unthinkable before. Contrary to what one might imagine, this new way of knitting did not produce a rapid success, because it took some years before this new technique began to spread. Perhaps these difficulties can be explained by the considerable limitedness of machinery, capable of executing only a very simple process, getting only a narrow mesh, without the possibility of having holes or protuberance, and just in solid color. Elaborate and colorful shirts remained exclusive of manual labor, up to that these technical limitations were not eliminated: since then the machining has gained increasing popularity, beating the old manual technique.

maglieria esempio per Hoplites 2Nowadays the big textile companies are able to reach knitting exceptional levels of quality and refinement, which evoke the highest traditional crafts. They reproduce the same steps of knitting by hand. Of course the machines are divided into many different types depending on the technique used to obtain the mesh: we can say that the ancient tradition combined with modern technologies, along with an informed passion and expertise of those working in this area, allow knitwear made in Italy to continue to dominate at the highest levels of quality and prestige, for those who want a product not homologated that maintains its own distinct personality and long-lasting.


Many fabrics are obtainable in knitwear, but cashmere has no rivals: what differentiates it from the other wool? Why is it considered a so luxury fabric?


First we must consider that the quantity available isn’t much, since this particular type of wool can only be produced using a defined species of goats, named hircus, living on Asian mountain highlands (Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Tibet) and not all the specimens, but only those that pass a very rigorous quality selection. This gives an objective explanation of the limited quantity of the product. Cashmere, while being able to find on the market in any color, has only three natural colors: white, ecru, cream.


That said, are its thermic and tactile characteristics that have made it a worldwide success despite being a expensive fabric : it is an extremely lightweight wool, while being very warm and durable, with a unique natural shine, unlike the other wool, doesn’t pinch nor tends to form the very annoying pellets. The great feeling of warmth that Cashmere is able to confer, comes from its internal constitution, which has a structure with an inner tube, and ensures optimal thermal insulation of the outside temperature. Its name derives from the area where he began to be marketed: Kashmir, India.


Hoplites works so that the philosophy that governs the brand of the clothes entrusted to us, is transposed as faithfully as possible in the final product of our customers. We provide you centuries of tradition, in the most updated and functional interpretation of your goals.


Hoplites: made in Italy, without compromises.


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