Why choosing Made in Italy

Made in Italy and seduction power

Sometimes we don’t stop to consider closely why the “Made in Italy” has been (and continues to have) such a seductive power for anyone with the desire to buy an item of high quality: when it comes to clothing / fashion we are considering a compartment that includes basically four major sectors: the textile / clothing (with accessories); leather goods (handbags, shoes, leather accessories), the gold / jewelry, eyewear.

Our area of expertise is textile / clothing, as production assistants. Now the question that follows is: why the appeal to potential buyers increases significantly if a product may bear the “Made in Italy”?

 Our response may sound vaguely partisan, if we assume that in reality the question is misplaced: we ask instead: why an object “Made in Italy” should not turn any product into a true object of desire of the buyer?

Culture, tradition and art

 In fact we do not say this for a misguided form of chauvinism, but for a rational consideration and justified: Made in Italy is not only synonymous with high fashion and luxury goods in general, but refers to the group of products in which Italy has reached the highest specialization based on local culture, tradition and “know-how“, linked to the production site. This means we face a product that has all the trappings of uniqueness that embody the virtues required by a market that looks at quality first and foremost.{spshare on}

 It is not subject to fads question: is the result of a long and prestigious tradition; buying a product made according to this philosophy means putting yourself in a “historical flow” that will provide the most genuine continuity with the most illustrious past. It means to perpetuate his ego by associating to an object without time: a paradise fit for a credit card, reserved for those who not only owns a good economic framework, but especially to those who have the cult of beauty and quality … without compromises . Basically it is not only an economic issue: it is a matter of life philosophy and style.  This seems to limit the passion for the “Made in Italy” only to a tight circle of individuals with a particular cultural background, but it manages to go further, acquiring the universality that characterizes it.


 Pride of awareness

Now I ask you: who is the one who would not feel a thrill of pleasure to hear his own person associated with Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, the Renaissance, Titian …. Everything that Italy has meant in history humanity in the pursuit of perfection and beauty universal?  This pleonastic question preludes to an obvious answer that provides the closure of this short treatise on what turns out to be probably the most successful brands in the world today: everyone wants to feel that thrill.

Hoplites gives you access to it in the most appropriate and practical way to your target, keeping a production guaranteed 100% made in Italy, with production assistance attentive to your specific needs of the market.

 Hoplites: pride of awareness.