Rosa Fraraccio SS 2014

The collection of Rosa Fraraccio starts from the stereotype of the human figure congenial to art nouveau that appears predominantly and obsessively female.
Woman is goddess of beauty and seduction, enchantress.
The pale angelic Pre-Raphaelite creatures take ambiguous and voluptuous motions.
Mysterious figures, elegant and ethereal, take shape as nymphs, fairies and mermaids that recall the concept of nature typical of Liberty artistic movement.
The colors are those of nature: shades of green and blue take shape with touches of gold that recall Klimt’s paintings.
Accordion pleats makes it all lighter and impalpable, with the lure of a sinuous line, typical liberty element: the sinuous and infinite line, which marks all the clothes that belong to this collection.
Some garments are influenced by orientalisms always ascribable to Art Nouveau.
The purpose is to create, special garments, refined down to the smallest detail, in unison with refinement, quality of fabrics and workmanship Made in Italy.