New Collection: useful suggestions



Timing is essential to realize a new collection.
About new collection we need roughly 3 months since the moment we receive the stylistic project until the delivery of the definitive sample, and here below you can see the steps that we follow when we decide to cooperate with a designer:

– We ask her/him to come here at us for 2 good reasons:

1) we analyze together the project having the chance to ask personally all the questions to understand at best all the needs and expectations;

2) we believe that is very important knowing personally each other: our work is based much on mutual trust and on emotional tuning and this can happen only when you can see another person into the eyes personally.

– If the customer wishes that we realize the patterns, we can attend to do it by our agreed pattern cutters starting from the sketch.

-Some our customers prefer providing all the fabrics buying them in their countries, some others prefer buying directly fabrics in Italy: for us is equal. We don’t have any contractual relationship with fabrics or accessories suppliers. If the customer wishes that we search for all the materials (fabrics, lining, accessories…), this is an extra service whose cost will be quantified according to the customer’s request typology.

– When patterns and fabrics are available, we let realize a prototype for each style of the collection: when they are ready we proceed in verifying their fitting with a model. We prefer to do this in presence of the designer and the pattern cutter, because it is the moment when is analyzed not only the way the garments fits on the body, but also if the effect of all the finishing is exactly how the designer wished. So if there are any changes to be made, that is the moment when it should be decided before to go ahead.

– After that all the manufacture and pattern changes have been decided, we let realize the definitive sample that will be used by the designer for the show, the catwalk, photo-shooting, showroom and meetings with the buyers.

– About the prices for the collection realization, after that we have seen the sketches (or pictures) and technical data of the styles that should be developed, we give an indicative quote about the realization cost of each style included our commission. This quote will be confirmed after the realization of the prototype. However, the cost of each collection style is calculated redoubling its production cost.

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