Carlotta Actis Barone, high fashion and her experience as a fashion designer


Carlotta Actis Barone, is a fashion designer known for hes eponymous fashion brand.

As a child, she grew up in a cosmopolitan environment and now is her mother, a visual artist, who helps her in the realization of her project, the brand Carlotta Actis Barone.

The clear choice to focus on high quality for the high-end market, is stated by relying on the Italian manufacturing that makes her collections exquisite.
Being italian but educated in England, Made in Italy is a key element that sets her works apart by merging the quality of the traditional italian tailoring, with the edginess of the english style.

Carlotta’s clothes are a mix of hes personal artistic and social experience.
Her latest collection A / W 2013-2014 is based upon contrast: black and white, light and heavy, old and new.

The label is playfully elegant with classic styles enhanced with contemporary elements such as graphic prints and sculptural pieces.

The brand consists mainly of dresses, both evening and occasion wear (including bespoke red carpet items), but also daywear clothes (including jackets and coats) and a “diffusion line”, which offers clothes for the most part in Jersey at more accessible prices.

Carlotta’s client is sophisticated, confident, socially engaged, has a taste for art and glamor, but she also likes to experiment with new looks, contemporary and strong.

Since its launch the brand has received much praise from press and consumers, with excellent reviews from magazines such as Vogue (UK and Italy), Glamour (UK and Italy), L’Officiel, ID magazine, The global Herrald , Dash and Kult Magazine and many other publications of high international profile.

In an interview with Hoplites, during one of her trips to Italy, Carlotta tells us her experience as a fashion designer. An interesting testimony that could be useful for all those who want to become part of the fashion world: an extraordinary world and at the same time full of difficulties.

Carlotta Actis Barone AW 13-14

Carlotta Actis Barone SS14

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