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We provide technical assistance to young fashion designers : we just need sketches of your styles, along relative technical

It’s not simple the task of creating and launching a fashion brand: the choice of the right steps is very complex.

There are many important factors that must be considered and that should be not ignored or undervalued. Before that you decide to take part in a catwalk or a trade show by your own brand, many steps are essential: decision of your selling target price at which you wish positioning your garments; analysis of the competing brands; building up of a promoting and selling channel. Nothing should be left to chance: all must be carefully planned. But all this implies that the collection and the production must be followed and realized in the best way and professionally. If your garments aren’t realized correctly and don’t succeed in expressing the force and beauty of your design, all the rest will be definitely useless.

Hoplites has gained its own know how developing in a coordinated way both branches:

  • Sampling of new collections
  • Productions

Too often the phases of sampling and production are not considered in a consequential way, and it’s a big mistake because the brand that doesn’t select carefully who should follow first his sampling and then the subsequent production, risks to receive a final product under the requested quality when it will be too late to change anything or to intervene, paying the lack of accuracy in choosing a reliable manufacturing partner.

Very often we receive cooperation requests from customers very disappointed by previous terrible experiences with unprofessional production groups.

The reason why we suggest to choose carefully who will realize for you sampling and production is that in this way you’ll not risk to waste money compromising the image and reputation of your brand. Fortunately we also receive many requests by customers aware that high-end quality garment are the safest way to reach the highest market level.

Our cooperation guarantees you the serenity to know that the manufacture of your garments will be followed daily carefully, and that whenever a problem arises, it will be promptly solved by us. This enables you to focus your attention on the commercial aspect, having more time to plan strategies to find more and better buyers for your brand. If you agree about the importance of these reasons, kindly continue in reading us, because we’ll try to better explain how fundamental it is for a good success of your project the serious professionalism applied in managing such delicate phase as the manufacture of an high fashion garment.

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