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Hoplites provides support and advice for the production of high-quality garments, made in Italy and on behalf of third party.

Hoplites S.r.l. cooperates with:

  • Consolidated companies | Established Brands
  • Young Designers | Fashion Designers

Among the services proposed there are:

  • Consultancy in identifying new market trends.
  • Research and proposal of new materials: fabrics and accessories.
  • Tips related to the supply of fabrics and accessories based on the customer’s target.
  • Collaboration in the sampling phase, in the choice of types and color folders relating to fabrics and accessories.
  • Search for new production processing methodologies and relative development.
  • Analysis of sketches, possible amendments on prints and embroidery, and related subsequent graphic simulation.
  • Study and evaluation of client’s styles to be realized, define production timing and costs
  • Creation of the basic patterns for clothing.
  • Realization of prototypes for both knitwear and woven fabrics.
  • Technical management of both the sampling process and the production process, through highly qualified and motivated staff.

Realization of Clothing Prototypes

The prototypes are essential in order to perfectly center client’s expectations. It turns out to be the first three -dimensional realization of data that were previously present only through sketches and as technical data provided by the client himself.

Realization of even Small Samplings

We can provide a valid support not only to well established brands, but also to those who are at the beginning, to start-ups, making them possible to grow gradually over time, starting from collections consisting of a few styles, compatible with a limited budget of those who are at the beginning. It is not easy at all to find production groups that also agree to follow the projects, often of modest size, of a start-up, while ensuring the same care and the same attention usually reserved for large brands and already well positioned on the market. We are a rare, if not unique, opportunity in order to be able to immediately face the market with a product comparable on a qualitative level to that of brands that are market leaders. And finally, but not less important, with an absolutely very friendly and propositive treatment; so, we try to provide many useful tips in order to improve the final wished achievement as much as possible.

Supply of Fabrics and clothing Accessories

In addition to the manufacture of the garments, we are also able to provide both the fabrics and all the accessories necessary to complete the garments for the best, having contacts with many suppliers, offering our customers a very wide choice based on their specific needs.

Embroidery Laboratory

We can provide a great variety of embroidery, starting from a simple embroidered logo to very complex and various sizes, in the required colors and with fine yarns. Based on the needs of the customer, we can offer both computerized embroidery, based on extremely efficient and latest generation machinery, and handmade embroidery by expert sewers.

Printing Laboratory

We can make prints with all the main printing techniques on the market: screen printing (plastic and water), digital (also all over), sublimatic (also all over), transfer (flock, vinyl, etc.), embossed print. Based on the fabric to be printed, and the result to be obtained, we can suggest what the most suitable technique is.

Consulting for young designers and stylists

Those who face the world of clothing for the first few times, need an expert technical support, which will avoid the most insidious risks and indicate all the necessary steps to grow and affirm their brand through a manufacture very well cared for in the minimum Details and choice of appropriate and high-quality materials. We are happy to offer this type of service, proposing ourselves as real allies in the field of clothing production.

The designer finds in us a single point of reference for all his productive needs, not having to disperse his energies by interfacing himself with dozens of different professional figures, but always counting only on us, for coordinating and managing all the technical data and all the work phases, from pattern making, to manufacturing, embroidery, printing, research, and supply of all materials, etc. If the customer wants, by indicating us the budget he has decided to use in the project, we can also direct the creation of the products by modulating the construction phases of the garment and the materials based on the costs within which it would be necessary to stay according to the customer’s indications, looking for as much as possible to stay within the amount requested.

Typologies of production

The laboratories that collaborate with us have a long experience in the production of high-quality garments, using first choice materials and cutting-edge machinery: a perfect combination of tradition and technology. Over the years we have specialized in assisting the production of clothing for both young and established fashion designers.

You can entrust both collections and high fashion serial productions to us: we will deal with it by providing you with an entirely made in Italy product, constantly monitored in all its phases by qualified personnel with periodic updates on the advancement of the works.

  • Project Planning
  • Search for Raw Materials
  • Patterns Creation
  • Prototipes Realization
  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Embroidery both computerized and by hand
  • Production of a vast range of types of clothing such as: coats, jackets, dresses, polo, t-shirts, pants, shirts, skirts, coats, jeans, sportswear and so on …
  • Realization of clothing based on both woven and knitted fabrics
  • Ironing
  • Enveloping and packaging of the garments
  • Shipping (through a specialized shipping agency)

We can coordinate on your behalf the creation of total look clothing for men, women and children, based on your needs. Our very complete offer on the production of garments: from the simple t-shirt to the evening dress.

A communication bridge between Customer and Manufacturer.

HOPLITES S.r.l. is an answer to the modern needs and dynamics of the market as it has evolved in recent years, focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to achieve lasting relationships, with mutual benefit of all the parties involved, rather than pursuing hit-and-run relationships short-lived and without real benefits for anyone.