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New Collection (sampling)

Since the moment when we accept the commitment, the timing necessary for the delivery of the definitive samples depends basically on the complexity of the project: here below you can see the steps that we follow since the first contact with a new potential customer:

  • We request to forward us sketches along with technical details about all styles that the customer would like entrusting us.
  • We elaborate an indicative quote to verify if our prices are compatible with those requested by customer. In case of positive feedback we go ahead.
  • If the customer wishes that we realize the templates, we can attend to do it by our agreed pattern makers relying on the sketches and indications from customer.
  • When templates and fabrics are available, we let realize a prototype for each style of the collection: when they are ready their fitting must be tested. We can ship them to the customer who will proceed with fitting test, or the customer can come here and the fitting test can be done in our presence. Fitting test is a crucial moment because it is when it will be analyzed not only the way the garments fit on the body, but also if the fabric performance and the finishing match designer’s expectations. So, if there should be any amendment to be made, that is the moment when this should be decided before to go ahead. If the customer couldn’t come to us and we shipped him/her the prototypes, in that case it will be essential that we receive back the prototypes with all detailed comments written by the customer about eventual amendments to be applied.
  • After that all amendments have been decided, we let realize the definitive samples that will be used by designer for the show, the catwalk, photo-shooting, showroom and meetings with the buyers.
  • About the prices for the collection realization, according with the design of the styles that should be developed, we give an indicative quote about the realization cost of each style, as written above. This quote will be possibly confirmed after the realization of the prototype.


If we have realized that collection, we know already how much each style will cost and we have all data we need, included their patterns and relative amendments. Conversely, if the customer entrusts us directly a production whose sampling was already realized by others, we ask to ship us the samples of all styles to be able to quote them (confirming the quote only after the realization of the pre-production sample) and we estimate the delivery time. In that case we would need to receive all patterns and all the necessary data and materials.

About timing, it depends always on quantity and complexity of the production and of course it should be evaluated case by case.

Regarding the service we can offer, summarizing: we are able to care about all phases of realization (about either sampling and bulk production). Based on sketches and technical data provided us by customer, we’re able to care about all what follows: templates creation and related size grading, fabrics searching and providing, searching and providing of accessories (zips, buttons, and so on), manufacture (cutting + manufacturing + ironing + enveloping); printing; embroidering; labels (brand labels, care labels, size labels) and hang-tags, packaging. All phases are coordinated directly by us, Hoplites S.r.l., through all factories cooperating with us: we are the only reference for our customers and we update constantly them regarding the production progress, by email and whatsapp messages, forwarding also pictures where necessary. Starting from the sketches of the customer, we are able to care about all the rest concerning a production until the accomplishment of the project. All 100% made in Italy.

A communication bridge between Customer and Manufacturer.

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