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Why produce Silk Pajamas and accessories made in Italy


It could certainly be said that, when you go to bed, one of the key things is the comfort of the pajamas you wear. Many prefer not to wear anything, Marilyn Monroe’s observation is known who claimed to wear only a few drops of her favorite perfume in bed. Everyone has their own opinion and rightly so.

Positive Vibrations

But it must also be said that simple comfort can be a pleasure to combine with other extremely pleasant sensations, capable of increasing the “positive vibrations” perceived by being in bed, whether alone or in the company of someone ????

And these are sensations that a good silk pajama (completed by combined accessories) is certainly able to offer, guaranteeing the skin constant contact with an extremely pleasant, smooth and enveloping surface, which amplifies all the good sensations deriving from staying in bed, one of the most evocative and iconic places of a house. After all, it is the comfort zone par excellence: right?


as per our client-friendly policy we always provide a free estimate, both for the realization of the samples and for the subsequent serial production; if you provide us also with information about the budget available or the production price in which you want to fall within, I will be glad to give suggestions about the most suitable material to use and the quantities to be produced to meet your market needs.

Environmental sustainability

Nowadays it is fundamental for any production follow strict environmental sustainability criteria and Hoplites S.r.l. is always extremely careful supervising that everything takes place in compliance with eco-sustainability.

Advantages and benefits of silk in pajamas

A silk pajamas is not only an ideal solution for comfort, positive vibrations, sustainability and a cost accessible to everyone, but also extends its qualities to factors that influence our health daily.

Not everyone knows that this wonderful material has beneficial properties, which applied to a quality pajamas can guarantee well -being over the years. Let’s take a look at the benefits of silk in pajamas.

Sleep quality

Among the most significant advantages in choosing a silk pajamas certainly is present an increase in sleep quality. Many people cannot fall asleep in the best way, and over time this problem affects not only the energy of one’s body, but also on emotionality and anxiety.

A silk pajamas is a real cure-all for the skin as it has thermoregulatory properties that can favor sleep in the best way. The silk adjustes thermally independently reacting to environmental temperatures, giving freshness in the warmer nights and above all giving warmth when temperatures tend to drop.

As it is easy to deduce, a pajamas built with this material helps to reconcile sleep in the best possible way, avoiding many problems related to rest, the latter essential for a healthy life rich in energy.

Silk can prevent vascular sclerosis

Among the reasons that push more and more people to buy silk pajamas, there is its ability to prevent vascular sclerosis.

This term identifies that anti-aging function that allows you to have always smooth skin, even in periods of intense stress due to work or family activities.

Thanks to its fibers, the silk has the ability to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, giving the body a very pleasant sensation. It is no coincidence that the use of a silk pajamas is accompanied by lining for the pillow in the same material. Getting wrapped in silk gives a pleasant sensation and guarantees an improvement in quality on the skin.


As much as a purely visual benefit may be, wearing a silk pajamas guarantees an aesthetic certainly of value compared to the traditional cotton or wool pajamas. The construction quality is perfectly linked to elegant color and lines that allow you to wear it also in everyday life, without being out of context.

The beauty of the silk is evident, it is necessary to enhance it with bright colors aimed at embracing the shapes of one’s body, without ever being intrusive.


Choosing a silk pajamas does not only guarantee an excellent aesthetic and well-being for the skin of our body, but also adds a very important aspect for those who look to the future: endurance.

A silk yarn is extremely resistant, as much as steel with the same thickness; this makes it clear how a material with exceptional longevity is. Opting for a silk pajamas means relying on a product that lasts over time, allowing you to use it daily without being afraid to ruin it.

Cotton or wool are materials that have different capacities, but they will never be as resistant as silk.

Antiallergic and antibacterial

In recent years, more and more people have been particularly sensitive to allergens and bacteria; in order to avoid redness and irritation it is essential to choose products that are antiallergic and antibacterial.

From this point of view, silk is the perfect material for those who do not want problems, to deal with allergies and bacteria. Silk pajamas is indicated for all those who want maximum safety while sleeping, aimed not only at adults, but above all to children who have not yet expressed the first symptoms of irritation.

Protecting the little ones with a silk pajamas is the ideal solution if doubts present themselves on potential allergies.

Breathable and absorbent

Advantages not to be underestimated of silk in pajamas are certainly its breathable and absorbent features.

These two features allow you to leave the skin fresh and dry, especially when the heat begins to be intense. It’s easy to guess that choosing a breathable silk pajamas allows you to better manage the aspect of night thermal regulation, leaving behind all those problems of combining the perfect underwear.

A silk pajamas allows you to better manage your night outfit, significantly lowering the stress linked to the choice of intimate clothing and of compliant materials.

Suitable for all seasons

A silk pajamas, in addition to being lighter, soft and to enclose the benefits previously listed, is characterized by being the perfect solution in all seasons.

We have already highlighted the thermoregulatory properties, but we have not underlined how this material enables to absorb ultraviolet rays, protecting the skin from scalds and annexed problems.

Sunbathing on your terrace without burning in summer with a silk pajamas, it is not just a imagination but a pleasant reality.

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