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When did the pants appear in the past?

The trousers have an ancient origin, even if, to tell the truth, initially they presented themselves as simple breeches, or two sleeves that went from the ankle to up to the thigh, wired at waist, by simple strings. It is likely that the trousers have acquired the shape that we still can see today, only for practical reasons: they made it much easier to go horseback. We have archaeological finds dating back to more than three thousand years ago, which show how the pants were, already then, very similar to the current ones, mostly obtained from leathers of animals hunted by the populations of those periods. It might be surprising to know that already in those ages the trousers had decorations, mostly geometric patterns, drawn on them to decorate them. It seems that they have spread from Asian steppe and only much time later they widened on European territories. In any case it was considered at those times a garment for low social class, because associated with hard physical work, and this mentality has employed centuries to get changed. The use of trousers was considered improper and awkward for women for centuries, for example in 1800 in Paris the trousers were expressly prohibited to female users, and only from the second half of the last century they began to be considered acceptable when worn by the women

Pants in modern era

Nowadays we have pants in very diverse materials and styles, which we can use according to the circumstances or simply based on our mood of the day: elegant, classic, sports, or technical pants, both for men and women. Over the centuries, social and work life has differentiated into many different forms, and the pants have followed the same revolutionary process, assuming increasingly specific forms and performances based on the use to which they are intended; this trend is also sustained by the consolidated habit, at least among the population belonging to the industrialized civilization, to possess a certain number of pants based on the different use occasions.

A class apart

It must be said that there is a class apart, and very widespread, of pants, which are the Jeans: do you desire an interesting deepening in this regard?

I suggest you read the specific article about jeans on our website: 


as per our client-friendly policy we always provide a free estimate, both for the realization of the samples and for the subsequent serial production; if you provide us also with information about the budget available or the production price in which you want to fall within, I will be glad to give suggestions about the most suitable material to use and the quantities to be produced to meet your market needs.

Environmental sustainability

Nowadays it is fundamental for any production follow strict environmental sustainability criteria and Hoplites S.r.l. is always extremely careful supervising that everything takes place in compliance with eco-sustainability.

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