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We help fashion houses and stylists to create collections of high quality made in Italy clothes. Technology, work culture, innovative organization: discover our services.

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We are clothing manufacturers in Italy. The certification of 100% made in Italy production must comply with essential requirements such as the completely Italian manufacture, or compliance with working tradition of our country characterizing the Italian craftsmanship (know-how) in keeping with the Italian Law 166 of 2009.

But it is not just a matter of laws, because when we talk about made in Italy we talk about originality and people.

We are not asking you to trust only our words, but we ask you to verify it concretely, coming to visit us after that we’ll have ascertained the feasibility of cooperation between us and your brand.

Production of high quality clothing, made in Italy for third parties

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Chiara Giannandrea - Production manager

Chiara Giannandrea

Production manager

Goiseppe di nanni - Governing Director

Giuseppe di Nanni

Governing director

Over 40 years of experience in the luxury clothing manufacturer market

HOPLITES S.r.l. is a company that, despite being relatively young, boasts a staff
with a know-how of over 40 years of experience in the quality and made in Italy clothing sector.

We produce clothing

The history of our company starts in 2009 from a basic consideration: during a clothing production, what is usually the main reason of time and money wasting, and rising of anxiety that sometimes leads to real panic by of the client?

The answer is: the lack of real interaction between the client and the manufacturer; this due to the extreme difficulty in managing at a great distance a delicate and complex process such as the creation of a garment (even more complex if the production involves various product topologies such as a total look), and the committing task to follow up many manufacturers scattered throughout the territory and each with its own characteristics and work dynamics.

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A communication bridge between Customer and Manufacturer.

HOPLITES S.r.l. is an answer to the modern needs and dynamics of the market as it has evolved in recent years, focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to achieve lasting relationships, with mutual benefit of all the parties involved, rather than pursuing hit-and-run relationships short-lived and without real benefits for anyone.