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Giuseppe Di Nanni – Italy

Allowing the customer to interact with a single contact, always within reach, enables better control so that questions are answered

I am Giuseppe Di Nanni co-founder and CEO of Hoplites S.r.l.

A decade ago, my partner Chiara Giannandrea (who is a highly skilled production manager) and I founded Hoplites S.r.l. whose mission was and is to provide an innovative type of service: in essence, we have decided to offer our customers a reliable, professional, competent and transparent production reference point, through which they could always and in real time have the pulse of the situation of their productions, with the added serenity of having their own alter ego in the field that not only acted as their “eye and arm”, but also able to professionally manage both their collections and subsequent productions, having the necessary experience to solve the various problems that inevitably arise in the course of any production, making the right decisions at the right time, allowing the customer to avoid any nasty surprises, gradually defusing all potential dangers.

I love music, especially jazz, and doing this job is the equivalent of “playing jazz” every day: you must not only be able to improvise brilliantly, but also be able to keep time without empty passages and without getting out of tune. I love this job, also because it allows me to put my love for beauty and cultural contamination to good use, while at the same time having the opportunity to interface daily in English, with heterogeneous customers from all over the world: it is wonderful to get in touch with many different and all fascinating cultures.
All those who rely on us do so for a specific reason: through us, they assign to quality made in Italy the prerogative of knowing how to harmoniously blend the art and beauty of our millenary tradition, with their personal aesthetic touch, in order to enhance the specific characteristics of their design, combining tradition with technological innovation. This implies the ability to know how to get in tune with the customer, being hence able to better interpret his expectations: this is one of our many strengths.

In short, to all those who allow me to live this wonderful work experience I want to say with all my heart: thank you.

A communication bridge between Customer and Manufacturer.

HOPLITES S.r.l. is an answer to the modern needs and dynamics of the market as it has evolved in recent years, focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to achieve lasting relationships, with mutual benefit of all the parties involved, rather than pursuing hit-and-run relationships short-lived and without real benefits for anyone.