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Chiara Giannandrea – Italy

I’m Chiara Giannandrea, co-founder, and production manager of Hoplites S.r.l.

I started my work in the clothing field at a young age, 40 years ago: a deeply fruitful long time, still going on, with a lot of experience gained.
Before founding Hoplites S.r.l., I worked in various companies carrying out my activity in all production phases: I made paper patterns, sewed, cut, ironed, did quality control, researched materials, created collections, coordinated productions, etc. Years of practice in the field both managing the business in companies with prestigious licensed brands and moving daily in a large territory coordinating, and personally controlling, the work of all the production laboratories and services deployed in the production processes. I had to learn to prevent the problems that constantly inevitably tend to arise in the production phase; I learned to manage stress by putting planning and organization first; I have constantly trained in teamwork with all the elements present in the various projects to be carried out and all this allows me today to brilliantly manage through Hoplites S.r.l. more than 30 brands at the same time, with very different needs and types. It is a job that I love and that satisfies me extremely, doing it with joy and enthusiasm.

Among other things, as production manager of Hoplites Srl, I collaborate with customers from all over the world, many of them young, who are a constant source of great stimulus and growth both professional and personal: I have always been curious about to cultures different from ours, so finding myself always facing new challenges of this type is something that excites me.
In my free time I love reading, listening to music (jazz, blues, rock, classical) in the company of our beloved cats, all ex-stray, saved from the street and from extremely critical conditions: I find there is nothing more rewarding than helping a living being, whether human or animal, to recover from a difficult and painful situation and have a new opportunity for a peaceful and rewarding life. This is me.

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