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How to produce Women's Dresses

Creativity and femininity

When we talk about fantasy, women’s clothes can be considered the most attractive flowers of the garden consisting of the world of women’s clothing. They are among the clothes of clothing that they will most allow more creative freedom by the designer. We can divide them into three large groups, namely: Ceremony dresses; Work dresses for a career woman; Informal dresses for occasions related to leisure time and socialization.

What’s the look of Ceremony Dresses?

They tend to be with rich and sumptuous details. Substantially are used on special and celebratory occasions, in which the taste for luxury is confirmed and, often, to affirm a social status. They can be made with fine fabrics such as silk, embellished with lace, macramés, drapings, sinuous lines and vertiginous necklines. They are often sparkling thanks to the use of lurex or lamè fabric; or through the application of precious crystals such as the famous Swarovski. Obviously, the accessories (bag, necklace, bracelet, shoes, etc.) they follow the same logic.

Who wears Work dresses:

They are used by women who carry out a management or organizational work, from office employee to high-level manager. They are usually characterized by stylistic sobriety and high practicality, all combined with an elegance that does not require unnecessary frills. An airy note can be conferred by the accessories that you decide to combine with the dress itself.

When to wear informal dresses:

This is the typology that gives the designer the chance to create without following any pre-established scheme. This for two good reasons: first of all, occasions to socialize are the most varied (shoppingmeeting with friendsgallant evening); the other reason is determined by the location at a specific time of the day (morning afternoonevening) which can greatly influence the stylistic project at the level of details, structural complexity and aesthetic impact. We could arbitrarily outline at least three distinct types of informal dresses: for shopping; for cocktail; for evening events. Each of them will respond to different needs, but the point is that not necessarily the differences should need to be deep, for example, you could get an evening dress by deriving it from one for cocktail, simply working on the lengths of the various parts of the dress and on small details, without drastically revolutionize aesthetics.

As you can see, that of the feminine dress is a wide and faceted universe, in which the creativity of the designer has the way to act undisturbed.


as per our client-friendly policy we always provide a free estimate, both for the realization of the samples and for the subsequent serial production; if you provide us also with information about the budget available or the production price in which you want to fall within, I will be glad to give suggestions about the most suitable material to use and the quantities to be produced to meet your market needs.

Environmental sustainability

Nowadays it is fundamental for any production follow strict environmental sustainability criteria and Hoplites S.r.l. is always extremely careful supervising that everything takes place in compliance with eco-sustainability.

Creating a women’s clothing brand

Developing a successful women’s clothing line undoubtedly passes through the identification of a new, unusual, and personal of garment to wear, which can represent a point of uniqueness of the brand compared to the competition.

Renewing the style of a “traditional” garment, rereading it in an original key, maybe with the use of new materials, can be one of the successful elements of a clothing-production line.

Many famous brands bind their name to particular recurring graphic elements, logos and graphic motifs, which make it a distinctive and easily distinguishable landmark in the shop windows; others represent their signature through the use of unusual materials, or even with extremely recognizable color plots.

Then there are companies that specialize in the production of only one kind of product, for example swimwear, making hyper-specificity their “quality seal”.

It is important to understand if the customers are ready for the product you intend to launch and if the market is not already crowded with numerous similar offers; It is therefore necessary to carry out market analysis and research, to understand what buyers prefer to buy, what their tastes and which other companies are marketing similar garments or accessories. A careful look at the competitors must then be considered.

The fashion sector embraces so many genres and products that it is extremely large and varied; despite this, the equally large and widespread presence of clothing companies in the area, from large factories to artisan laboratories, means that the competitors are many. Knowing them means being able to devise products of which the shelves are not already full.

Keeping yourself updated on news concerning fashion and clothing even outside our borders can be useful to anticipate future trends, to satisfy at best your customers’ requests and arrive in advance of the other brands.

Returning now to the starting point, what can represent the strength of our company? What can distinguish us from the others and make us unique?

The winning elements enabling to gain our own clientele in the clothing market are of various kinds.

Creating a garment that is presented on the market as totally new, for design, for original finishes, using patterns never used before, are undoubtedly the aces in the hole of those who produce clothing, to the benefit of the clients.

Of course, even a competitive price makes the purchase of the proposed garments tempting; however, this commercial philosophy can be a double-edged sword, as aiming low sales prices may have to mean cutting on production costs and using low quality materials.

In summary, a low-cost clothing line can guarantee good commercial success in the short term, but if it is produced at the expense of quality, the risk of not retaining long-term consumers is very high.

On the other hand, however, the use of high-quality fabrics and an excellent level manufacture helps strongly to spread the good name of the brand, convincing also the customers to continue to buy that specific brand because reliable.

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