Chris Mitchell is the CEO and Designer of IL CHRIS&TORI. Chris is from Colorado, USA. He told his mom when he was young that he would love to design socks for a big-name brand. Chris has since evolved and created a brand of his own, alongside his partner Tori Rushing. Tori is the CFO and COO of the company. She also grew up in Colorado, USA and aspired to go to fashion school when she was young. She quickly found an interest in the business side of the industry. Together as business partners and fiancés, Chris and Tori navigate the day-to-day logistics of IL CHRIS&TORI. The brand, IL CHRIS&TORI, was cultivated first by using the owner’s first names. It is preceded with “IL” meaning “THE” in Italian, due to being made and manufactured in Italy. The mission of the brand is to deliver culture through fashion. Chris is inspired by different cultures and loves to incorporate intricate details through designs. For example, the company’s trademark pattern was stimulated by African detail and is shown on two major pieces in their current collection. The products offered are very exclusive. Chris has designed a square neck t-shirt that also displays their predominant pattern surrounding their name, IL CHIRS&TORI. The other piece of clothing that incorporates their infamous pattern is the women’s crop hoodie. It has a touch of pink fabric that gives a feminine feel and is a very coveted piece this season. There is a men’s and women’s t-shirt that displays the brand on the front, and “KING” and “QUEEN” on the back in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese. This once again demonstrates the brand’s mission of culture through fashion. Hoplites is a manufacturer like none other. They are like an extended family of IL CHRIS&TORI, and their craftsmanship is unmatched. Their line of communication is always open, and their ability to bring vision to life is exactly what IL CHRIS&TORI was looking for. They reach out regularly to check in, regardless of whether they are actively in the manufacturing process with Chris and Tori or not and because of this, there is amazing rapport.

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A communication bridge between Customer and Manufacturer.

HOPLITES S.r.l. is an answer to the modern needs and dynamics of the market as it has evolved in recent years, focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to achieve lasting relationships, with mutual benefit of all the parties involved, rather than pursuing hit-and-run relationships short-lived and without real benefits for anyone.