Green Drop Technology

Now more than ever it is necessary to adopt working techniques that help reduce as much as possible the damage that humans are inflicting on the Earth.
The sectors related to clothing are also moving in this direction, towards eco-sustainable products and techniques.
If we talk about printing, we can consider a technology that aims exactly this goal: its name is “Green Drop Technology” which consists of a digital pigment printing.
Among the features that make this printing technique not only convenient but also ecological are the following:

  • It is possible to print on fabrics with a blended composition of fibers such as Polyester / Cotton, Polyamide / Cotton, Acetate / Silk, etc …
  • The production process requires neither steaming nor washing, so it is more eco-sustainable.
  • Shorter processing times, therefore with reduced consumption of resources.

All this means giving your brand, with good reason, a “Green connotation” that will certainly be appreciated, not only by the environment, but also by end customers, as awareness of the need to take concrete steps to save the planet we live on is increasingly widespread.

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