How to recover the investment made on unsold clothes?

In some cases it may happen that some models are offered on the market but they are not successful with customers and remain unsold: instead of resigning themselves to leaving tens or hundreds of pieces unsold, there is the possibility of modifying them to make those same styles much more attractive and sellable , recovering the spent capital and obtaining a profit. Such as? These garments could be colored with more fashionable colors, or embroideries or accessories could be added or removed, besides treatments can be done to give a vintage look or create ruptures: in practice you can intervene to update them. But in order to be able to do this, you need collaboration of who is able to carry out the necessary tests first to understand which modification to carry out and then to carry out these modifications on all the pieces. We Hoplites S.r.l. are able to provide the right experience support that allows us to carry out this type of work as well.

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