Realization of Prototypes

After the analysis of the sketches and the technical details of each single style of the collection, we begin to work on the phase at whose end we will have completed the realization of the prototypes. This implies the coordination of the pattern maker’s work, together with which it must be decided how the garment will appear three-dimensionally, simultaneously with the search for materials (fabrics and accessories) that will be both the alternative ones to be used on the prototypes themselves, and the definitive ones for the final samples of the collection.

Why is the prototype phase to be considered fundamental? Because through the prototypes we can have a real feedback about the volumes, the finishes and the measurements of the garment itself. With the analysis of the prototypes we can verify all the main characteristics of the garment: this is the moment in which any pattern or finishing changes must be decided, before moving on to the final phase with the definitive samples.

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