The meaning of your clothing

When we talk about Style we’re actually speaking about language expressed through images and graphic signs.

So we can say that clothing design is a real form of communication.

We ourselves, based on the mood of the moment, decide to wear a garment or not, and wear it in a certain way (for example we can decide to keep the collar of a polo shirt raised or lowered), to wear a certain type of shoes , and so on.

We don’t usually think about it, but when we go out wearing what we’ve chosen for that day, we’re communicating to anyone we cross on the street or at work: “Today I feel like this”. And the others will relate to us in a certain way, also based on this signal that we are launching.

And it is a type of infallible communication, which should be evaluated in its entirety by also analyzing the body language we use, mostly unconsciously, based on what we are wearing in that moment.

But of this, if you wish, we can talk about it on another occasion.


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