Clothing production assistence and services to young fashion designers

fashion designer clothing production

We provide technical assistance to young fashion designers : we just need sketches of your styles, along relative technical details and we’ll take care about all the rest (fabric and trims research and purchase here in Italy, patterns and prototypes creation, definitive samples manufacture) until the final delivery.

This means, for young designers, having the same technical support that usually only world market leaders (such as Gucci, Armani, Prada and so on) have the chance to receive. Our experience (over 30 years in this field) and skills enable the customer not only to be more serene, but also to focus his/her attention only on the creationpromotion and marketing of garments.

We also provide valuable tips on materials and techniques to use in order to get to get the best aesthetic and technical result and most competitive sale prices :
concretely means having the opportunity to benefit to optimize the investment of initial capital available.