Speaking about us: a new way to conceive clothing production



I’m Chiara Giannandrea, production manager at Hoplites s.r.l.;
I’ll be glad to write you a short introduction about our company and about the way we work.
Me and my associate Giuseppe Di Nanni (governing director of Hoplites), after over 30 years of experience in high quality clothing production, decided to create an agency that should offer innovative work methods and objectives different from those of any other company; in fact, besides our cooperation with market leaders, we have developed also a very personal and particular business niche: young emerging designers, following them from their first collections on.

It’s not really a simple kind of work because managing little productions is very challenging and not very profitable; we are investing a lot of time and money, but basically is very gratifying to see the young designers’ progress time after time: for our customers, beginning in realizing their collections and productions with us means having the rare chance to obtain the same quality and care that usually only the greatest brands have the possibility to obtain.

Through the years we have selected the best and more reliable and serious laboratories and services, we have built a very closely knit group to propose a total look production man/woman, high end quality and 100% made in Italy. We work every material that could be used for clothing: leather, knitwear, silk, every kind of fabric can be worked by our agreed laboratories. We just don’t manage shoes production.

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