Origins of clothing

Why does it originate in the human being the need to wear an artifact that covers its body?
Of course the primary requirement of any animal is related to its survival: the difference between us and other species is that each species is part of a habitat suitable for their physical characteristics, which may change over the course of thousands of years to adapt to different climates. Human beings, thanks to their ability to build things with their own hands, are able to live in territories with adverse climate, wearing the skins of animals killed during the hunt, being able to protect themselves from the cold.

It seems strange, considering our current clothes, that all started like this: we would probably be even more surprised if we would see that the concept of fashion has ancient roots, rather prehistoric. Yet the very concept of fashion has ancient roots, rather prehistoric. In fact, one of the main characteristics of homo sapiens sapiens is the ability to develop concepts of symbolic and artistic nature: the rock paintings date back some 40,000 years ago.

Moreover in South Africa, in the Blombos Cave, were found jewelry dating to 75,000 years ago: there are 41 shells that, considering the holes on them, were probably part of a necklace. At the end we are not changed much: the pleasure of wearing objects that emphasize our body has remained unchanged for thousands of years: the only real difference is the manufacturing technologies developed in the meantime.

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